V/A – Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash! Vol. 2 (SFR-CD-007)

(The Rapiers/The Titty Twisters Orchestra/BeeDee Kay &The Roller Coaster/Cecilia & Die Sauerkrauts/The Imperial Surfers/The Waistcoats/The Montesas)


Right for the 2nd SOUNDFLAT RECORDS BALLROOM BASH! the correspondent cd is released by SOUNDFLAT RECORDS!

This compilation cd brings out all the bands of the Soundflat Festival 2008 and moreover – already like on the 1st issue of this cd series - SOUNDFLAT RECORDS presents what this label has to offer to the full extent.

Whether Beat, Rock’n’Roll, Garage, Mod-Sound or 60’s Punk, everything the label stands for is here played back in a convincing way.

Here we go: SOUNDFLAT RECORDS BALLROOM BASH! – 60’s-Garage-Frenzy-A-GoGo!

Again all the bands are represented on the compilation cd, which will - as a supplement to an international DJ-Set - bring the crowd on the festival to caper, cavort and dance and party all the time:


Once again all the 7 bands have taken 3-4 selected songs, as well already released as until now not released or songs, which are out of stock long ago on this 27 tracks containing, low priced cd.


About the bands:

THE RAPIERS (UK) – champions of early ‘60s rock’n’roll!

Being on the way for Rock’n’Roll for more than 25 years, the Englishmen resurrect stylishly the authentic 60's sound of the English pre-Beatles UK Beat & Instrumental era: THE SHADOWS, JOHNNY KIDD AND THE PIRATES, FENTONES and COUGARS. Whether Merseybeat, Instrumentals, Twist or Rhythm & Blues – band leader Colin Pryce-Jones and his men will take you back into a time, when Red Fender Guitars, Meazzi Echo and Vox Amps ruled the world and musicians were really able to play their instruments.


Titty Twisters Orchestra (IT) - DRUNKEN-FRAT-ROCK’N’ROLL in a Tuxedo Suit!

10 Italian playboys, who are known to have a tendency for popular 50’s/60’s music as well as having a weakness for smart suits, sexy girls, rackety parties and alkoholic drinks. And so the favourite subjects of the TITTY TWISTERS ORCHESTRA - Pin-Ups, GoGo-Dancing & Exotica – can be found in their glamorous Burlesque- and Belly-Dance-Show too, accompanied with tones of the TWIST-O-RAMA SOUND, a mixture out of crazed guitars, lascivious saxophone and X-rated lyrics. The Titty Twisters have already proved their predilections in legendary Italian Rock’n’Roll-Bands like MORTICIA’S LOVERS, LINK QUARTET, KIM’S TEDDY BEAR and HERMITS. “Deluxe Lingerie Only… Please“.


Bee Dee Kay & The Roller Coaster (F) – SEXEDELIC & EXOTIC ROCK 'N' ROLL RHYThMS!

From Bourbon Hop over the Sin Alley – the universe of BEE DEE KAY & THE ROLLER COASTER is full of trashy pictures of the late 50's and early 60's. Sleazy Garage, Surf, Soul & R’n’B are mixed up with a strong  lacing of Jungle Exotica. The five ROLLER COASTER caused an uproar already in such combos like KING KHAN & THE SHRINES, DEE CATS, BLUE DEVILS, VIBRAFINGERS, REVENANTS, BABY FACE COMBO, BEACHBREAKERS and MOTORBOOTY and the bizarrely crazy performance of the front man BEE DEE KAY gives the freaky Frenchmen the necessary decadent elements. Lowdown & dirty!


Cecilia und die Sauerkrauts (USA/F) –All-Star Blitzbeat Invasion!

In utmost secrecy Cecilia, Russel, Ryan, Fredovitch and Fred (aka Gertrude, Rudolph, Reinhardt, Herman and Fritz) rehearse in US in order to present their terrific, smart and as well humorous as well as charming 60's Beat for the very first time in front of an audience on the SOUNDFLAT RECORDS BALLROOM BASH Vol. 2.

They played undercover before in the most different Yankee- and frogbands and still do. These are bands like THE NO-TALENTS, CECILILA ET SES ENNUIS, OPERATION S, THE MUMMIES, THE FLAKES, THE BOBBYTEENS, DUKES OF HAMBURG, THE EPOXIES, THE HERO-X, KING KHAN AND HIS SHRINES, LES TERRIBLES... and so on!!!

This ALL-STAR Band truly performs an outstanding, smart and both humorous and charming 60's Beat, which is second to none.


The Imperial Surfers + Special Guest RAFAEL GARCIA (ESP) – Do the Imperial Walk!

The ultimate Frat- and Twist-Combo from Madrid. Oky Von Stoky, Esteban Beatboy and Mike Von Clubman already made their experiences in the Spain R’n’R- and Garage-Scene as members of LOS NITROS, THE GOLDEN ZOMBIES and TUNA TACOS. However, the matchless instrumental sound of the IMPERIAL SURFERS got complete not before 2006 when the saxophonist Javi Hustler (ex THE HUSTLERS) arrives. Their mix of wild 50’s Instrumental-R’n’R and magnificent 60’s Twist-, Frat- and Surf-Sounds might not only delight the fans of the Las Vegas Grind-Compilations.


The Waistcoats (NL) - awesome nederbeat 60’s mayhem!

Since the first days of THE KLIEK no further Dutch band was able to celebrate the 60’s beat of THE KINKS, THE WHO or THE HOLLIES so authentic. Anyway, also American Garage, Surf- and Soul traditions find their way in the sound of the WAISTCOATS. There is no doubt, that Jan Herman Veldkamp, Gerard Burger & Jack Outhuis got inspired by combos wie THE POETS or THE GAME. And so psychedelic parts are attended by  R’n’B-Sound of the 60's. Fans of the KAISERS, GREEN HORNETS and CYBERMEN definitively get their money's worth.


THE MONTESAS (GER) – Hully Gully & Beat ‘n’ Roll Hipsters

Whether Beat, R’n’R, Hully Gully, Shake or a lacing of Shimmy, the MONTESAS with support of the  MONTESITAS know how to enravish and push their audience. With a heavy load of Ye-Ye, the stylish and authentic MONTESAS lead the Hully Gully-Youth and their not only 60’s Garage-following.



V/A – Soundflat Records Ballroom Bash! Vol. 2 CD